~Don't lose your face~

2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

Thanks for all the votes! Cons to the winners!

We enjoyed ourselves very much in the contest. But the game still needs more work.

Post your opinions here, we'll keep improving this game in future.


Image One

No two things are exactly the same in the game!

This is an RPG with random Dungeons, random Equipments and random Enemies.
Random Face as well!

You woke up in a cave with no memory.
A person with one eye came to you and told you about this place.

This guy needs a pair of eyes to get to the next level, and suddenly you realize yourself, just like him, have only one eye…

Game Purpose

Collect a face and leave this place!

The enemies are all trying to take something from you,
and this "something" can be body parts such as eye, nose and mouth.

Fight and protect your organs!(σ・Д・)σ!

How To Play

There are 44 skills in game,
each requires a specific keyboard sequence like or .

Long skills like can cause more damage than , but will take more time to cast.

Use skills at the right time to attack or avoid being attacked.

Level up & Get New Skill

After you win a battle, you can pick a skill from the enemy and learn it.

Your face will change after you got new skills!

For example, tattoo guys will perform deadly full-screen Slay.

Skill Type

There are four types of skill you can use in the game.You can carry one for each type.

Punch Shockwave Jump Full Screen Slay


The four types can counteract each other. So choose carefully when facing different enemies!

is easy to cast but will be stopped by

can avoid all attacks except

is powerful but can be easily interrupted by

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